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Artist Carolyn Dubuque Welcome!
Enjoy the bright and imaginative paintings
of award winning artist Carolyn Dubuque!

Carolyn usually lets her imagination take control when painting, creating paintings from her inside world with some reference to the larger external universe. The subject matter of her paintings varies from landscapes and animals to pure abstractions. Her work reflects her vision of the complex and organized but fluid world in which we live.

Carolyn's paintings are generally two dimensional using interesting colors to portray her feelings about the subject. She has a strong sense of design and frequently uses hard edges to abstract her subjects. She experiments with many media, but the majority of her work is in acrylic. Working in this medium, she adds pencil, crayon, printing ink or collage depending upon her vision for the painting.

Born in Washington D.C., Carolyn attended the Corcoran School of Art as a child. She received her BA from Stanford University and her MS from San Diego State University. She has studied under many well known artists including Ernest Velardi, Katherine Chang Liu, Fran Larsen and Alex Powers.

She has been awarded Signature Membership in the National Watercolor Society, the San Diego Watercolor Society, the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society, and the International Society of Acrylic Painters. She is also a member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Artists and the National League of American Penwomen. Carolyn has won numerous awards while exhibiting through these organizations.

Her work has been shown frequently in national and international shows and is in collections England, Germany, Australia and throughout the United States.

Carolyn welcomes you to contact her by clicking her email address:

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